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Native Bidaské: Unveiling Native American History with Patricia Streng

In December, Native News Online‘s Native Bidaské podcast released an episode featuring Native American Resilience author Patricia Streng in conversation with Levi Rickert. The event featured insights from the author, where Patricia shared her personal journey of discovery and thoughtful education about Native American history. This chat highlighted key findings from her extensive research and gave insight into her process as well. 
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Publisher and Editor Levi Rickert is an award-winning American Indian journalist and tribal citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

The Toby Gribben Show Highlights

Patricia Streng

Season 2022, Ep. 301

An awakened interest in and determination to understand Native American history beyond what was taught in the classroom prompted Patricia Streng to write this book. Understanding that history is primarily written by the victor, she spent uncountable hours researching, travelling and writing to thoroughly research centuries-old historical documents which prove the racism and genocide against Native Americans from the beginning.

Her passion unfolds as she tells a story of their strength and resilience as they fight to regain what is rightfully theirs – from treaties to equal rights and opportunities. By writing the book, she hopes to encourage others to join in supporting Native Americans as they fight for justice and equality. Their cause is that of racial equity and has no geographical or ideological boundaries, and it is the author’s desire that this book will help make a positive difference in the lives, not only of Native Americans but of all people who have been victims of racism.

‘We’re still here’: Kansas City event highlights Native American issues and perspectives

On Saturday, Liberty’s Garrison School held a few dozen visitors, there to engage in a series of conversations addressing the ongoing struggle of Indigenous people. The day saw a mix of heavy-hearted remembrance and urgent calls to action. Gaylene Crouser, Hunkpapa and Oglala citizen and director of the Kansas City Indian Center, took the stage to tearfully discuss the way Indigenous people have been stripped of their culture. Society has a long way to go in its progression toward equality, she said.

Native American Resilience

“Native American Resilience: A Story of Racism, Genocide, and Survival” offers readers a comprehensive analysis of Native American history from Eurocentric invasion into the 21st century. The author discusses essential aspects and events in the historical and current lives of Native Americans, ranging from beliefs to lifestyles, starting from invasion and colonization to contemporary issues such as ongoing discrimination, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, health needs and cultural appropriation, as well as urban integration, the reclamation of graves and artifacts, as seen in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and legal actions to have standing treaties honored.

Patricia Streng was inspired to write this book by a rekindled interest in and desire to comprehend Native American history that was not taught in any curriculum. She spent literally countless hours researching, travelling and writing to thoroughly examine centuries-old historical documents demonstrating the bigotry and genocide against Native Americans, including the accidental and purposeful introduction of smallpox, from when the Europeans first came ashore to trade and later to settle. The loss of Native American life was great from both, as the Native Americans had no immunity from or ability to treat the disease.